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H2Glow Sport Bottles Single Packs
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The incredible H2Glow

The incredible H2Glow cap transforms sports bottles into flashing beacons of light. Powered by ultra bright LEDs, it cuts through darkness to illuminate all who carry it. Whether for fun or safety, the uses are many but the result is the same: you’ll get yourself seen.

An inspired idea to improve the safety of runners and riders. Great Idea.

The ideal way to say hydrated while running.

Sorelimbs Review

Just before the holidays i got this funky looking bottle from H2Glow so during the few runs i did over the holiday period i took it out with me. I will usually only take fluids with me on a run if im going anything over 5 miles. I used to take a camel pack but found them to move around to much and a lot of the bottles on the market for runners i find to be to big for the ammount i do. I hate wearing those bum bag type things so this seemed like a good option. Fits nicely in the hand but the best thing it about especially this time of year with the dark mornings it has a variable LED light which blasts off a great pulse of light to make sure you are seen ,very reflective and does the job nicely.