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H2Glow Sport Bottles Single Packs
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A simple rule when cycling at night is that you can’t have too many lights. H2Glow increases your all-round visibility, including those important side angles that are responsible for many cycling accidents.

Made from day glow fluorescent plastic, the bottles shine bright even in dull, wet conditions, so as soon as the light becomes low, press the button and off you go. Let the high-powered LED lights do their job and make your presents known to all round you.

Are you a member of a cycling club or do you own your own bike store? If so H2G can easily be branded with your club or business logo. With bespoke printed orders starting from just 50 units, H2Glow is the perfect compliment to your brand. Lead-time is only 2 weeks!

H2Glow Sports Bottles - Lasts for 144x 30 minute commutes

H2GLOW is another potential addition to the cyclists' weaponry in our never ending attempts to be seen by other road users, Also bear in mind that many bike lights do not necessarily add to your visibility to anyone approaching from your side, then you can appreciate the benefits of this beacon of light emanating from your bike frame! And you could even whip it out when signalling in the dark too!

For the commuter or road cyclist who values safety. Fantastic.

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