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H2Glow Sport Bottles Single Packs
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An inspired idea to improve the safety of runners and riders. Great Idea.

The ideal way to say hydrated while running.

For the commuter or road cyclist who values safety. Fantastic.

This little glower is an exciting bit of kit, well done H2Glow.

Itís pretty jazzy and remarkably bright.

Simply Brilliant.

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Sorelimbs Review

Just before the holidays i got this funky looking bottle from H2Glow so during the few runs i did over the holiday period i took it out with me.

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Wheel Suckers Review

Like quite a few people who went to the Bike Show at the Excel London at the weekend, I didn't rock up looking for an illuminated water bottle. I did, however, come away with one and mighty pleased I did too!

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The Sun JML Inventors' Day

The Sun visits ĎDragonís Dení for inventors

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